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8,Odyssea Elyti , Nei Pori, Greece
Phone: 2352-041703
Website: Hotel Official Website
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Aug, 21 2011
  • DON\'T GO!!!
  • Overall
    3.00 stars
    • Cleanliness
      1 stars
    • Facilities
      2 stars
      Very Bad
    • Service
      2 stars
      Very Bad
    • Location
      8 stars
      Very Good
    • Pricing
      2 stars
      Very Bad
  • DON'T GO!!!

    It's near the sea-only 5 minutes to the beach and most of the rooms have see view!And that is all waht isgood about it.It's DIRTY,you have to clean your room by yourself,you have to have your towel and soap for the bath,there is a shower but without a holder.So,you have to hold it in one hand and to wash yourself with the other!Hot water-now and then and usually no when you most need it,!!!Food - awful-ALWAYS THE SAME:breakfast-no tea,no cheese,patatoes for lunch patatoes for dinner and it's always franch fry!Sallad- always tomatoes.Fruit or cake-only in your dreams!And it doesn't matter how long you stay-it's like this all the time!TV-only 4-5 Greek tv programs which is too little even if you know the language!

  • Type of traveler: Family - Age Group: 36 - 60
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