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2824 N. Court St. , Ottumwa, United States
Phone: 641-683-3000
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Fax: 641-683-3000
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#1 out of 8 hotels in Ottumwa
#1 out of 3 hotels in its category
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Apr, 24 2007
  • Reliable
  • Overall
    4.80 stars
    • Cleanliness
      4 stars
      Below average
    • Facilities
      5 stars
    • Service
      4 stars
      Below average
    • Location
      5 stars
    • Pricing
      6 stars
      Above Average
  • It's your average clean hotel. The room is adequate in terms of size and appointment. Good, reliable service and good breakfast.
  • Type of traveler: Family - Age Group: 36 - 60
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